Stop Mold In Its Tracks

Get mold remediation services for your home or office in Houston, TX

When your home or office has mold, you need to take immediate action to avoid potential severe damages. Mold Can begin growing within 36-48 hours of a water damage event. Don't wait until its too late to act, let Watermark Restoration Ltd. handle your mold remediation services. Our team has been licensed by the state of Texas to perform thorough mold removal services since licensing services began in 2004. By following an independent Consultant's Remediation protocol, we'll get your home or office certified clean. Being a full service company, we can provide the remediation AND the rebuild, services many remediation only companies cannot provide.

If you need mold remediation services in the greater Houston, TX area, call now to schedule your appointment.

Don't Take Chances With a Company That is Not Licensed

Getting professional mold remediation services is key to keeping your home or office safe and your property value intact. A certificate of Mold Remediation Clearance is provided after successful remediation that the property owner keeps in his files until he sells the property as proof the work was done correctly. Unlicensed companies cannot provide this certificate.

Don't wait too long. Call now to schedule your professional mold removal services. We offer free estimates in the greater Houston, TX area.