Residential Mold Remediation

Watermark Restoration is licensed by the State of Texas as a Mold Remediation Company and Mold Remediation Contractor.  In Texas, if a homeowner has mold issues in their home, generally we recommend that they contact a licensed Mold Assessment Consultant first and they will come out and test the home to determine how much and what strains of mold are airborne inside the residence.  Based on the test results, the consultant will provide the homeowner with a remediation protocol and Watermark Restoration would then come and provide a detailed estimate to the homeowner for performing remediation.  After remediation is completed, the consultant would come back and re-test and certify that Watermark Restoration successfully completed the remediation and all of the mold damage has been properly taken care of.

If you have issues with mold damage in your home, contact us and we will help you with the entire process, even working with your insurance company if you have mold coverage.